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About Us

The Tip Top Tidy Story

Early in 2016, Johnathan Mullen decided to disrupt the cleaning business in the Atlanta area. With too many low cost low quality options inconsistently serving the great people of Atlanta, he decided to make an impactful change. 

Our Story

When Johnathan made the decision to impact the cleaning industry it came with the usual troubles of starting a business. Some bad decisions, change in partnerships and a lot of risk leaving the comfort of a successful day job. 

However, the greater goal was always to provide extremely high quality work, at competitive prices and to be absolutely obsessed with customer satisfaction and experience. Johnathan’s wife Mariana joined as a partner to T3 and saw a tremendous opportunity for growth. 

The Atlanta area is rich with successful businesses, amazing facilities and legendary sports teams. Tip Top Tidy was built to serve this beautiful community. The goal from day one was to be a name brand provider to Gyms, Office Buildings and Commercial Facilities. Over the years, T3 has done exactly that. 

When you work with T3 you are enticed with the intense customer care and detail oriented approach. T3 aims to be different, they know it is the little things that can make a difference. Being acutely aware that a clean office will help employers hire top talent. That a clean gym can literally stop the spread of diseases like MRSA that can even be deadly! With these thoughts in mind, the mission was always simple. Meticulous and obsessive focus for Tip Top Tidy clients. We look forward to serving you soon.

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